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# Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Providing all applicable information at the beginning of the unemployment insurance process can streamline the steps involved in presenting a strong case to the state agency and expedite the adjudication process.

More states are enacting or enforcing current legislation to penalize companies for not submitting all facts pertinent to a former employees’ separation from employment by the claim response deadline.  If employment separation details and applicable personnel documents are not provided by the claim response deadline, the consequences can be harmful to the employer.  Several states will charge the employer a partial or whole percentage of any benefits already issued to the other party despite the employer’s later submission of details that resulted in a reversal of the earlier ruling. Other states will issue a penalty statement with a specific dollar amount cited that is applied to all employers when the facts are not provided by the claim deadline, i.e. $15.00 for a late response or no response.

The consistent implementation of the guidelines below can simplify the process of gathering the employment separation information needed to submit to your Third Party Agent. These recommendations will also make the fact-finding process less time consuming for managers and human resources personnel responsible for submitting the information:

Check the request notice prior to sending the completed form to your unemployment insurance consultant to ensure you are providing all of the requested information outlined on the notice.

Let your consultant know if you have questions relative to the separation reason or unemployment adjudication process.

Aim for providing applicable supporting documents to substantiate the separation reason.

 Initiate a dialogue with your consultant, without hesitation, whenever you need their expert opinion. Remember, they are your partner in the process.

Make your case by presenting all pertinent facts.

Strategize with your consultant, when applicable, to determine the best approach to present a strong case.

Sharon L. Pate, Assistant Claims Manager, TALX Corporation

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